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They can be secured by written request to the Office of the Governor, State.

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Repro duct ion of original materi al is permissible only. World War. Misso uri and Nebraska. Cross , empl oye d i n the old days for markers along Santa Fe. Th e divis ion was organized for Wo r l d W a r at Ft. Returned to U. When the 35th was fighting in France. R e acti vati on. Unde r. M a r c h 1 , ; it was assigned to. Baade then.

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  6. President Truman sent a radiogram of congratulations to his old outfit, the 35th Infantry Di vis io n, as it near ed Ne w Yo rk on its homeward. The President said:. States after doing wh at we k new was a. The country acclaims the present 35th Division as it acclaimed the orig inal. The lu-vt mec'tinc; "ill be held at the home ot -Mrs. The board has recommended to the governor that h e - b e tuinsterred to one of the state insane as lums.

    TAIT, "V. The controversy between the coroner, cputy county attorney and Col.

    Nebraska Stories - Nebraska's Deadliest Storm

    Maler and Judge England began when Officer C. Moore, the second witness was being examined by the cor- aner. Judge England asked the witless whether U was the policy of the police department to arrest a man vithout a warrant, as the judge understood there was none issued and f policemen are allowed to shoot when the party sought is only a suspecu Judge Stiodo arose and informed Eng- and that this was a question of law. To this the deputy county attorney replied that the officer iiad such right, if tho latter haa grounds to believe his assailant was going to tire at him.

    At this juncture, Coroner Matthews stated that he was conducting a court of inquisitoii and not a court of law. This brought Col.

    Here's the Latest Episode from The Candid Frame: Conversations on Photography:

    Maher into the controversy. Coroner contend ttuit you will deny as the right to inquire? I think the public has a rigiH to bo present and investigate," he added.

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    Matthews answered that he would not allow cross-examination of witnesses. Then Col. Malier asked permission to iihk the witness a question througn tho presiding oflicer. This was granted. Malier brought out that Oflicer Moore fc'avc the impression in his testimony that tho officers took after these men because they jumped irom the blinds oC the train. I h-tvc ridden me blinds before, and I don't think tro, it is a crime.

    matt, matt damon married | model matt hunter | matt chapman orange county ca

    TO P. Would you in this case cast any more suspicion on a man mi-rely because ha leaped trum the blinds.

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    7. Thirteen Witnesses Examined. TlurU-i-n witnesses were examinee;. Officer Moore, was the chief witness for the detense. Moore stated that h was twenty-live feet back of Dee and that if he had been in the positioi Deo was in he would have shot fo self-protection, because, he said, the man made every move to give the impress-Ion that he was going to fire back. Moore said Kloskowski fell at the third shot. FAvrl J. Speaker Here. Plans for a Woodrow Wilson day at the state IVur were discussed by several local democrats at a meeting in the Unclell hotel last night- Among those present were a number, who have been prominently identified with aeru- ocratic politics in this state.

      The program as tentatively outlined provides for a big celebration at the fair grounds in tho afternoon and a banquet in the evening. It was suggested that a democratic orator of national prominence should ba secured for the occasion. Champ Clark and James A. Reed of Missouri, Senator T. An effort will be made to bring one or more of these men to Lincoln if the plans are cairied out. A committee to further the pUns ior the proposed celebration -vab named, consisting of State Auditor W.

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      Smith, chairman; John G. Clarence Hirman and Karl B. Another meeting will be held a we hence L. He will be assisted m this work by Fire Commissioner Rig- dell Henry Bergre and Otto Meier- There will be an early conference wiUi he state fair managers so that the date may be decided upon as soon ar- possible.

      An Easy. Pleasant Laxative One or ttvo Dr. King's New Life Pill with a tumbler of water at night. Nt bad, nauseating taste; no belching gas Go right to bed. Wake up in the morning, enjoy a free, easy bowe movement, and feel fine all Jay.

      Nebraska vital Records

      Justus, South Seventh street, a son. Jacob Klein, D stieet, a daughter. Alfred C. George Rollis, South Thirteenth street, a son. George Thomas, University Place, a daughter. George Hessehimer, ":: South street, a daughter. A person much contact the relevant county clerks in order to obtain birth records. Incomplete county records are available at the Bureau of Vital Statistics dating back before State-wide registration was implemented in , and complied with by Delayed registrations from before this time are available from In , there were 26, total births in the state.

      Death records were registered at an early date from county offices. Onomah has death records dating back to A few counties began recording before a state-wide registration was introduced. Records from this period are incomplete though, and can be found at the Nebraska Bureau of Vital Records. In , there were 16, total deaths in the state. The Nebraska Public Records Act was introduced in , with the most recent amendments coming in The act aims to ensure all members of the public can access public records in Nebraska.