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While this is a great safety feature and it does not make stealing your vehicle more difficult, it's not a true car alarm. Today, some vehicles also come equipped with a device that can help locate where your stolen car is, IF your vehicle is equipped and in the range of the locating device. It's usually activated by the dealer and delivers the address of your vehicle to law enforcement. While this is also a great device to recover your vehicle, it's again, not a car alarm system.

Once your vehicle is stolen, who knows what kind of damage or vandalism can occur before it is recovered. A car alarm is an anti-theft device that will trigger a siren and flash your lights whenever someone is tampering with your vehicle. When the alarm is armed, your vehicle is safe due to the starter disable. The thief can't start your car, even if they have the key.

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Audible Alarms — Trigger a siren and flash the lights when set off. They can feature sensors that detect when the car is moved or tampered with, and they then set off the alarm.

Must Have Tracker?

This will notify you through your mobile device or 2 way key fob depending on the model. If your vehicle is being broken into you will receive a text notification, and you can then notify the police.

However, we always recommend a siren be installed. With any of these alarms, once they are activated the thief cannot start the car, even if they have a key.

The Best Car Alarms and Security Systems for Your Vehicle

These types of alarms offer the best protection against car theft. Alarm systems offer many various options which are reflected in the price. Consumers can sometimes recoup some of these costs through lower insurance rates. If you're considering the purchase of a car alarm system, speak with your insurance agent to see if any discounts are available.

With many different alarm systems available in all different price ranges, buying an alarm is a great value versus higher insurance rates and paying the deductible in the case of a claim.

fantastic tracking system I can see where my camper van

Here at Audio Express, we offer a full range of vehicle security systems from the top manufacturers including Viper , Code Alarm , and Directed Electronics. Welcome to Small Humans , an ongoing series at Mashable that looks at how to take care of — and deal with — the kids in your life.

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TOO FUNNY: The Best Car Alarm Ever! Do You Think It Can Work?

As of August 8, 29 children have died in from heat stroke inside a vehicle, including two New York City twins left by their father for eight hours as he worked on July The National Safety Council, which tracks hot car deaths across the United States, reports than on average 38 children under 15 die each year of heatstroke related to being trapped in a hot car — whether due to caregiver error or a child climbing into a vehicle and being unable to escape. Last year was the deadliest since the organization began tracking hot car deaths in , with 53 children succumbing to heat stroke inside a car.

American Academy of Pediatrics statistics also show that heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash vehicular deaths in children under Alerts are also given when a child has been seated too long, or when children unbuckle themselves when the car is moving. A 2-way remote or fob can receive confirmations back from the brain confirming commands or alerting you of possible theft in progress.

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  • You may also monitor and control your vehicle by using your phone if you have a telematics module such as DroneMobile. The shock sensor will be triggered when there is impact to your vehicle.

    Alarms | Car Audio & Video Department - Curacao

    The tilt sensor is will trigger the alarm if your vehicle is being towed or jacked up. This is a feature that is generally not available with OEM alarms, and is available with all Compustar security systems. An interior LED light will let people know that you have an aftermarket security system. Car thieves are not as likely to attempt theft of your vehicle if they know you have a security system installed.

    Door trigger sensing will trigger the alarm if the doors of your vehicle are opened when the security system is armed.

    Car Alarm Detector

    There are additional features that may come with or be added to an aftermarket alarm. Some of these features can be added by simply connecting a wire or turning on a setting in the brain.

    History Of Car Alarms

    Others require additional parts and labor. Compustar Blog Stay up to date with the latest Compustar news!