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It is unlike any seminar will you have ever attended! I learned to replaced anger and unforgiveness with forgiveness, fear with confidence, courage and worthiness. I had a lot of anger issues that I need to address as well as a pornography problem. When I came to the Marriage Seminar I did not know what to expect, after having gone through the boot camp I realize the lies that have been told about me and how I do not have to live under that shroud of resentment, anger, and guilt anymore.

It is the best four days you could invest on the rest of your life. Invest in yourself today. My experience with the LEBC was powerful and freeing. I walked away as an authentic and empowered woman! I had an incredibly big dream as a kid and put forth more hours every week into training for that dream than most adult people work hours at their job.

Christian Marriage Retreats in Pennsylvania (Couples Retreats) | Black Rock Retreat

It took this experience to realize those who hurt me needed to be forgiven for my own sake. This boot camp has given me so much clarity in who I am and what has held me hostage to not being free. I highly recommend you step out for a time to get to know yourself better. May you experience the freedom you were designed to live!

The Boot Camp did two things for me. We have been given the tools to have a successful marriage. I can honestly say I am ready for marriage. The Marriage Retreat Boot Camp brought me back to the time in my life before the troubles and ills of the world were dumped on my shoulders. I learned to dump the baggage and learn to live without the hurt and pain.

Going through the marriage boot camp has renewed my spirit and love for my husband. We both admitted we needed to work out some personal issues.

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With the help of the tools we learned in the 4 days, we feel grateful and thankful for the seeds planted. I am praying for those who helped us financially, and for those who attended. No words can fully describe transformation like this!! I had given up on my marriage and on myself. This was a last hope and my husband was willing but not truly sold on the idea. We were lost. In four days I found myself and the issues that kept me from being a happy person and a loving wife. I learned about personal pain and the walls I had built making it impossible to have a healthy relationship.

My husband was equally successful in identifying and releasing past hurts. We learned to forgive the past and focus on the future and best, fell in-love again in a healthy a stronger way. We disagree yet it will not break us. We can argue but have tools to fight fair and make the conflict not only shorter but effective when using communication skills we lacked. Best, after a short time our children can sense a change and their own stress is now gone. Happy is a real word everyday finally.

Attending this boot camp was the best thing I could ever do for myself! The program taught me how to forgive and let go of so many hurts from my past and present. I feel confident and secure with myself, and have a better outlook on life. The outcome is amazing! I worked hard for years trying to achieve all the goals I had set for myself thinking they would make me happy.

Bootcamp really opened my eyes and my heart to what had been holding me back all that time. I found the person I had been trying to portray. I am the person I have always wanted to be. Because I did not know how to do it step by step. And…It feels great! I was used to live with worry and some resentment towards this person because of his actions.

I feel compassion, even love and understanding. I see all people around me with acceptance and some love.

Path to a Blessed Marriage

And guess what? I had already filed for divorce and I was not on speaking terms with my husband. But on the third night things really started hitting home. I realized a lot of things. The marriage retreat Boot Camp has been one outstanding, wonderful life changing experiences. It was very cleansing for the soul.

The facilitators, coaches and even participants offer you a safe and confidential venue in which to do so. I can say without reservation that I have never seen, let alone experienced, such a Life-Affirming event.

The Gottman Couples Weekend Workshop

We watched lives and relationships be restored to a place of Love and Hope, and better prepared ourselves for our life together and as individuals. If you are second-guessing yourself about whether the time and money are worth it, just STOP and sign up — you cannot make a better investment in your future. The Marriage Boot Camp allowed me to work through problems that I felt so hopeless about in my life. It also allowed me to work on past hurts.

I learned how to forgive the people that had hurt me the most. I was even able to let go of my anger. I feel as though I have been healed and set free! Life Enrichment Boot Camp was very life-changing! It will take you out of your comfort zone to get to some real emotions, but it is so very worth it! It was a very, very good camp to experience.

Good communication isn't enough in couples therapy.

Just listening and observing others, and their testimonies did a lot for me. It is well worth your time and effort to attend Life Enrichment Boot Camp! The staff and volunteers are outstanding! Dwayne and I went into the program to revitalize our year marriage.

Part Four - NJ Marriage / Singles Seminar Participants

We left with better self-awareness, a renewed commitment to each other, and new tools to work through conflicts. We made friends with several people. We uplifted and were uplifted. I am incredibly impressed with the program and those dedicated to helping couples avoid divorce if possible. Even couples who experienced infidelity left holding hands.

Thank you, Jim and Elizabeth! I went into the Life Enrichment Boot Camp a broken woman filled with shame, guilt, low to no self-esteem and just longing to stop the emotional pain I was enduring due to a divorce after many years of marriage. I graduated a capable, worthy, free and forgiving woman.

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I truly feel brand new. I put down baggage I had lugged around all my life that even years of therapy had not eliminated. Get registered ASAP! What a life changing experience! This boot camp has helped me open up and find the heart I never knew I had. I recommend this seminar to everyone! Boy, was I wrong!! It was a fantastically awesome four days. But I got rid of my old baggage and forgave the one person that hurt me the most. The feeling was very euphoric.